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What Are the Environmental Benefits of Soil Tracking Software?

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Soil Tracking Software?

The modern world has been unstoppable in its push towards a more digitized age. The construction industry, in tandem with this trend, is also rapidly transitioning to a digital framework. Ceasing unnecessary environmental impact is the top of today’s more eco-focused market. Canada and the United Kingdom have implemented new environmental protocols for earthmoving projects with the US to potentially follow. Construction companies are searching for solutions to minimize the environmental impact of their projects. And the shift isn’t entirely altruistic, either. The digitized world is meant to make your life easier, and that’s what SoilFLO does. Our soil tracking software actually simplifies the monitoring and managing of soil in construction projects while eliminating the need for endless paper trails. We’re working for team earth and team you. 

Reduced Paper Usage

The industry wants streamlined real-time data and communication systems. It greatly impacts the Project Manager’s ability to make important decisions.SoilFLO’s soil tracking technology is designed with very specific goals for construction companies and environmental shrewdness alike:

  • Replace traditional paper-based records with more efficient digital data.
  • Centralize documentation of all material movement in and out of their sites
  • Full chain-of-custody for all loads of material
  • Dashboards that leverage data to keep projects on-time and on-budget

In America alone, paper accounts for 26% of the total makeup of landfills. That paper comes from 535 million oxygen-giving trees that are cut down annually to account for the estimated 660 pounds of paper a single person uses a year. All of this culminates into 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper that loops back into the landfill. That’s not even accounting for the fuels, energy, wood procurement, and transportation pollution. What a relief to know there’s an escape plan to those numbers. We don’t need to  imagine that data decreasing; we can be active participants in decreasing it. 

Minimized Soil Disruption

From the onset of a project, SoilFLO minimizes unnecessary soil disruption and contamination. The two-sided platform allows team members to continuously verify load departures and arrivals in real-time and solve any issues right away.. Sending or receiving unverified loads of excavated material can and will delay a project. Without prudent record-keeping, disputes around contaminated soil may shift responsibility for any delays and expenses away from the property owner and back onto you. By digitally tracking delays and expenses, you’re carefully mitigating the risk. 

That’s for team you. For team earth? Keeping toxic chemicals from contaminated soil can prevent pollution from nearby ground and surface waters, impacting plants, animals, and our drinking water. Even our air is susceptible to contamination, volatilizing indoor air in buildings. A lot can go wrong without ease of access to real-time information and communication.

Sustainability & Data In the Market

Earth’s health is a big topic of conversation these days, there is no escaping it. Consumers and companies continue the path forward with environmental commitments amidst the worsening climate and there is no indication of that backtracking. Companies that embrace sustainable practices not only reduce their carbon footprint but also improve their reputation in an environmentally-centered market, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Embracing tools that show a company as a responsible steward for our earth’s resources is good for business and the planet.

Also, data analytics easily improves sustainability and efficiency within a construction company’s supply chain. Through analyzing supply chain data, businesses increase their likelihood of waste and emission reduction. Use of contaminated soil can lead to a halt in a project and an increase in building costs. If contaminated soil is left unmanaged, it can harm the surrounding environment, people, plants, and future buildings. The ability to assess data before and after increases success on projects and mitigates environmental risk.

Evolve into the future of building with accurate and real-time data. Go paperless and help save the world! Schedule a demo with SoilFLO to learn how you can level-up. 

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