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The Advantages of Digital Soil Tracking in Earthworks

The Advantages of Digital Soil Tracking in Earthworks

It cannot be denied — parts of the construction world still have a lot of room to grow in digitizing itself. As a whole, the construction industry remains one of the least digitized industries in the world, and yet, in an increasingly paperless world, it is still one of the most relevant. How can the builders of our society have fallen so far behind? Especially when some of the most common conflicts in construction are related to the amount of material moved, relying on accuracy and collaboration. While the honest work done by hardworking people in the dirt world never changes, our resources and equipment need to always stay current — soil tracking software does that. You can crystallize your data in a centralized place, move material faster and more efficiently, and avoid risky contaminations that create health and financial setbacks. SoilFLO can bring your business into the modern world of real-time data, planning, and precision. 

Streamlined Data Collection Through Soil Reporting Software

In construction, we like to get our hands dirty and be tactile with our work. With paperwork…not so much. Loose papers make us more prone to errors and are just plain time consuming. Our Excavated materials tracking software automates the process to save team members valuable time, and productivity is enhanced in the creation of real-time dashboards In turn, laborious longhand writing falls to the wasteside. Not only that, but the speedier digital data collection ensures that team members can provide valuable and necessary intel to their peers to make real-time decisions. This in turn leads to up-to-the-minute information about excavation progress. 

Enhanced Project Management on Construction Sites

A common pain point for many in the construction industry is communication between the office and the field. Projects rely on dated and manual paper reports between  the field and in-office professionals and. The success of a project relies on effective information exchange between those parties in an efficient and accurate manner.

By utilizing digital soil tracking software, project managers are better equipped to make prompt decisions that reflect the real-time data on-site. They are able to continuously optimize project schedules and keep timelines moving steadily.

Construction teams also need to collect, standardize and store site information effectively. Utilizing paper often ends with documents being lost or damaged, creating an environment of guesswork and assumptions.. Keeping real-time information centralized and accessible allows team members to make proactive instead of reactive decisions on-site.. External consultants and owners can access the same data, fostering transparency and reducing the potential for breakdowns in communication. When there is transparency in traceable data, your organization is well-equipped to avoid any disputes that may arise, protecting your bottom line. 

Reduced Risk of Soil Contamination

Tracking software also significantly cuts the likelihood of contamination at your source and receiving sites. Preventing site contamination can avoid significant regulatory fines or remediation costs, keeping projects on-time and on-budget. SoilFLO’s two-sided platform allows team members to continuously verify load departures and arrivals in real-time to solve any issues right away. And in the case of an unfortunate contamination incident, storing comprehensive records will be invaluable for regulatory and insurance agencies, establishing a clear chain of responsibility. Furthermore, in an increasing number of regions like Ontario, Canada, where O.Reg 406/19 requires strict regulation in governing soil management and soil contamination prevention, the need to be aware is only increasing. Excavated material tracking software ensures that soil is managed according to legal requirements, reducing the risk of fines or remediation costs from non-compliance. 

Why SoilFLO Software?

Whether you are a project owner, a heavy civil contractor, fill-site manager, or consultant, SoilFLO understands the unique challenges encountered in earthworks and construction projects. Developed through firsthand experience and insight into soil management, learn how our software promises a more streamlined and efficient operational approach. 

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