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Soil Management Software for CL:AIRE Compliance

Take control of your excess construction soil with our soil management software. SoilFLO provides an efficient and hassle-free way to comply in the UK with CL:AIRE's Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP).


Soil Management and Tracking Software for UK

Whether you’re building residential dwellings or commercial property, construction projects are highly structured endeavors. Construction has many moving parts, and your team has to be coordinated, especially when excavating excess soil.

As a construction project owner, you should ensure the sustainable management of excess soil — on-site or off-site. It’s crucial for protecting the environment as well as maintaining a healthy economy. What’s more, by complying with the CL:AIRE's DoWCoP, your operations can receive additional financial incentives.

This is where SoilFLO comes in. Our advanced technology provides our clients with practical solutions to suit their soil management and tracking needs. Also, the SoilFLO software is easy to use, and you can launch your project within minutes with little to no training.


Trusted by the Industry's Largest Dirt Movers

One central platform for all your earthmoving activities.

Easy to Use

Launch your project in minutes with little to no training

Automated Reporting

Meet compliance & operational requirements with ease

Live Site Data

Real-time insight without having to be on-site


Invite users from multiple companies to your site

Effortless implementation

How SoilFLO Works For You and Your Construction Projects

Easily integrate software into your site operations.

Project Dashboards

Our dashboard brings data and information into a dynamic central location, ensuring proper soil tracking and management. From progress tracking for accurate budgets to monitoring timelines, it allows you to gain visibility into project earthworks.

Digital Load Tickets

These processes become easier and more streamlined with our digital load tickets. It also helps reduces errors like duplicate and lost tickets. From the loading to the dumping site, it’ll maximize accountability in your soil management processes.

Site Delineation

SoilFLO allows you to track the excavation of excess soil on specific quadrants and elevations.

Seamless Collaboration

SoilFLO enables easier communication with staff and multiple parties, allowing you to get everyone on your soil management team on the same page.

Automated Reports

The SoilFLO software provides automated soil reporting that collects and analyzes the data you need to submit to clients and contractors without hassle. It helps you in fulfilling operational requirements and meeting compliance with ease.


SoilFLO's tracking software helps you keep track of loads of excess material from when it leaves your site to the disposal or reuse location.

Same Day Launch

Set up your site and train your field team in under 20 minutes.

User Permissions

Looking to control access to field logging, soil management, and reporting? No one handles user permissions better than SoilFLO. Our user permissions interface is built with security, simplicity, and accountability in mind.

Built for the modern team

Clients We Help

Discover the ways SoilFLO can make your site operations more efficient.

General Contractors

This software allows heavy civil contractors to track the excavation of soil, audit the load counts, and capture record deliveries.

soilflo soil management heavy contractor data tracking
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Fill Site Manager

If you’re the manager of soil reuse sites, SoilFLO will help you get a notification when the soil load arrives at your site. You’ll also have access to site sampling documents, helping reduce the risk of receiving contaminated material.

Trucking Companies

This software will help you turn your paper tickets into digitalized tickets, generating instantaneous invoices to suit your needs. It also enables you to connect with loading and dumping sites.

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External Collaborators

This platform can provide access to your third-party collaborators like consultants to provide historical data about the soil and testing inputs to conform to regulations. SoilFLO can help you comply with the CL:AIRE's Definition of Waste Code of Practice.

Benefits of Using Excess Soil Management and Tracking System

Efficient Data Entry and Processing

From expected soil volume to past land uses and potential contaminants, there are a lot of details to gather for excess soil.

Manual data entry and processing can prove ineffective. But with SoilFLO, you will be able to streamline your data, which helps reduce errors and data collection time. It also allows you to mine the data for actionable insights.

Reduces the Need for Paper Data Collection

Paper records can get damaged or lost, especially during fieldwork. SoilFLO reduces and even eliminates the need for paper records, making data management easy. 

Improves the Ability to Gather Environmental Data on Soil

Excess soil from a construction site doesn’t have to become waste. You can reuse it once you determine the competence of the soil.

Soil management and tracking software allow for site sampling and data analysis of the soil. It helps determine if the soil is fit for use and acceptance by the reuse site.

Real-Time Soil Transfer Tracking

As a project owner, you need to be able to track excess soil from when it leaves the site until accepted at the receiving Reuse Site.

SoilFLO helps you generate soil tickets and results of soil samples for each load and transfer data to the receiving dumping site. It helps reduce the likelihood of your soil getting rejected.

How it Works

Step 1: Create Your Site on SoilFLO
Enter basic information like your project name, location, and material budgets to create a site on SoilFLO.
Step 3: Link to 3rd Party Sites
Connect your site to receiving reuse sites for real-time confirmation regarding the quality and quantity of the soil and notifications on arrival.
Step 2: Invite Internal and External Parties
Since your site is a central location for data collection, you’ll have to invite parties involved in your soil management project. It allows easy access and sharing of data.
Step 4: Create Approvals to Begin Hauling
As a project manager, you need to generate hauling approvals for specified materials and locations.
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SoilFLO is a soil management software that provides easy and complete compliance with CL:AIRE's Definition of Waste Code of Practice. We work professionally with our clients to simplify and streamline your soil management projects.