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Revolutionizing Ontario Construction Projects with Dirt Management Software

Revolutionizing Ontario Construction Projects with Dirt Management Software

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) recognizes soil as a non-renewable resource. They have consequential goals in mind on how to address it. They want to minimize clean excess soil being dumped into landfills and set parameters for soil reuse. The MECP also wants to safeguard contaminated soil from going into clean environments. These initiatives and targets are what helped culminate in Ontario Regulation 406/19 (O.Reg 406/19). 

With the new regulation, paperwork has increased because teams need to closely monitor the soil moved off-site. If not done right, there are potential penalties and fines. That’s why SoilFLO software is a pragmatic resolution, not only to solve that problem but to allow you to track your soil and its conditions in real time.

Ontario Regulation 406/19 (O. Reg. 406/19) Compliance

Ontario Regulation 406/19 aims to optimize the reuse of soil. The regulation can be a lot to navigate on your own and slow down your operations. That is why robust software to easily help your field teams meet the requirements is key. Software such as SoilFLO, a digital dirt-tracking tool, could easily, effectively, and quickly mark such a task off your list. 

SoilFLO offers:

  • Intelligent site application
  • Regulatory adherence through software
  • Immediate issue detection 
  • Transparent updates

Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Data

Unforeseen challenges, various project elements, collaboration, and costly resources hang in the balance of project efficiency. Real-time data’s impact cannot be understated: 

  • Timely decision-making
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Risk management
  •  Improved project coordination
  • Client communication
  • Adaptability
  • Enhanced production

Our soil tracking software offers holistic oversight where project owners can visualize instant data such as soil volumes, origins, and destinations. It’s a tool specifically created to help civil contractors use the software’s analytics to identify resource utilization patterns, thereby reducing waste, enhancing financial efficiency, and so much more.

Improve Oversight and Limit Liability Exposure

Effective oversight is fundamental to successful construction projects. Oversight allows project managers the necessary control to steer a project in the right direction. Not to mention, the increasing emphasis on regulations and codes leaves construction companies at higher risk of making mistakes in relevant laws, permits, and industry standards. Quality control is a project in and of itself.

SoilFLO created an advanced compliance tracking system that can provide environmental controls, soil sampling, and stockpile tracking that ensures all documentation supports OReg. 406/19 compliance. We have software that can eliminate manual oversight and errors that can lead to fines. With an advanced compliance tracking system, SoilFLO can provide environmental controls, soil sampling, and stockpile tracking. 

Contamination, Sustainability, and Cost-Efficiency 

Soil contamination can negatively impact the local ecosystem, plants, and wildlife populations and permanently disrupt the environment. Environmental contamination can lead to:

  • Water pollution 
  • Air quality 
  • Soil degradation=

But how can contaminated soil affect your company specifically? Soil contamination can lead to:

  • Remediation costs
  • Project delays
  • Regulatory fines
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Risk of litigation

SoilFLO can dramatically reduce the ecological and financial impacts of soil contamination. Dirt-tracking software offers real-time oversight to mitigate liability and keep your business and the environment’s protection at the forefront. 

SoilFLO’s dirt management system can revolutionize your construction approach and protect you from burdensome blunders, financial setbacks, regulatory offenses, and much more. See how it works and take the first step towards efficiency, compliance, and sustainability with SoilFLO.

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