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Meeting O. Reg 406/19 requirements through streamlined software.

SoilFLO has been develop with the regulatory environment top of mind. Tools created will make sure all aspects of compliance are met.

Tracking Requirements

As of January 1, 2022, Phase 2 of O. Reg 406/19 will be in full effect. Barring some exemptions, all loads of excess soil will need to be thoroughly documented in the form of tracking logs and hauling records. For each load of excess soil, the following information will need to be collected:

The location of the project area where soil was excavated (source site)
Quality of excess soil being removed (soil characterization)
Quantity of excess soil being removed (approx. m3)
The location of where the excess soil is to be deposited
Data and time the excess soil left the project area
Data and time the excess soil was received
The person who oversaw the loading of excess soil (source attendant)
The person who acknowledged receipt of the load (receiving attendant)
Hauler information (company, license plate)

Lastly, Project Owners will be responsible for retaining this data for up to 7 years. Haulers will be expected to retain their data for up to 2 years.

Using SoilFLO to Meet Regulatory Requirements

SoilFLO's load tracking and earthworks managment software enables both the office and the field to meet these requirements without additional leg work and works to ensure the project leader is not exposed to new liability. SoilFLO system will provide:

Automated tracking log reports inline with O. Reg 406/19
Standardized and filterable data across all projects
Record storage for up to 10 years
2-click data capture for the field
Additional load notes, custom fields and file-relate capabilities


Always check with your Qualified Person for acceptance of a digital tracking system. The qualified person on your project provides ultimate "sign-off" approval that your tracking system in place will meet the regulatory standards. SoilFLO has dedicated its platform to ensure QP's that our software meets the highest of best management practices available today.