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How Soil Tracking Software Prevents Common Project Delays

How Soil Tracking Software Prevents Common Project Delays

Project Managers understand that delays carry significant consequences in construction. Between impacted budgets and logistical challenges, scheduling, and regulatory compliance, it’s best to prevent delays upfront rather than fix them after the fact. You have to make calls to keep the projects moving, and the sooner you can make those calls, the likelier your project is to be completed on time. SoilFLO enables Project Managers to be proactive with these decisions and avert setbacks. SoilFLO enables quick and efficient soil movement, provides real-time data, and reduces the risk of environmental and financial issues.

Weather-Related Delays

As much as project managers enjoy controlling each moving piece of a project, the weather isn’t known for its compliance. If Mother Nature becomes bitingly cold or creates unbearably hot and humid conditions, this can slow the timeline, which domino effects. Efficient communication is critical when angsty weather conditions are a factor. Soil tracking software captures slow days or shutdowns for earthmoving activities. Having this information provides teams with supporting documentation for change orders to owners. Furthermore, Estimators and PMs can look back historically to better account for rain delays on new projects or to forecast the remainder of the projects more accurately. 

Regulatory Compliance

Construction projects have a lot to keep track of. Projects are subject to many regulations, including zoning laws, building codes, environmental regulations like O.Reg 406/19, and safety standards. Ensuring compliance with these requirements demands meticulous attention to detail and accountability. Any oversight or misinterpretation of regulations can result in project stoppages or the need for corrective actions. SoilFLO simplifies compliance by meticulously documenting data related to soil management, providing a transparent record for any kind of inspection or audit, and expediting approval processes.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply chain disruptions can significantly impact construction schedules, leading to delays and complications throughout the project. The negative impact takes the form of material shortage, which leads to increased downtime, increased cost for materials, logistical challenges, and other unforeseeable impacts that create negative outcomes for your team, your project, and your stakeholders.

Fortunately, SoilFLO software offers proactive solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of supply chain disruptions and keep your projects on track. SoilFLO offers real-time visibility into the status of material deliveries and allows project managers to identify potential issues in the supply chain should they arise. Project managers can also make data-driven decisions and catch early warning signs before they escalate, which they can then collaborate and communicate more effectively to avoid.  

Communication Breakdowns

Soil-tracking software facilitates stakeholder collaboration, including suppliers, contractors, and project managers. Improved communication ensures that everyone involved is aware of any challenges in the supply chain, allowing for collective problem-solving and coordination. 

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to not only collect information in the field but to also relay it accurately and completely to the office team.

SoilFLO offers contractors the advantages of real-time accessibility, prompt data availability, and robust functionality. Office teams can easily retrieve and leverage the data field teams are collecting in SoilFLO to operate more efficiently.

Cost Savings

Timely project completion in construction is essential for cost savings. Efficient timelines reduce labor costs by effectively managing staff hours and reducing the need for overtime. Equipment expenses are reduced as projects are executed within the planned duration, avoiding any extended rental periods. Material costs are controlled by preventing waste and surplus while avoiding contractual penalties, which helps maintain positive client relationships. Learn how SoilFLO can help you save.

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