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How it Works

How SoilFLO Leads in Soil Tracking Management Software

We understand the frenzy on construction sites. Our platform has a been developed to require as few touchpoints from the field as possible. Project Managers do not chase field staff for information and haulers are not involved when tracking loads.

Step 1

Create Your Site on SoilFLO

Enter basic information such as project name, material budgets, and location.

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Step 2

Invite Internal and External Parties

Your site will become one central location for data to be collected, shared and stored amongst all parties involved.

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Step 3

Link to 3rd Party Sites

Directly connect your site to receiving sites for real time confirmation. For third-party sites not on SoilFLO, other automation for load reconciliation is available.

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Step 4

Create Approvals to Begin Hauling

Project Managers manage excavation in the field by creating hauling approvals for specified material and locations.

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Step 5

Leverage Data to Increase Efficiency

Project dashboards, hauler management features, and automated compliance reporting drive efficiency across your team.

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