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For Contractors: A 406/19 Shopping List

For Contractors: A 406/19 Shopping List

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Many of us have read about the new soil regulation, but not many of us have had to enact it.

This creates some confusion about what your operations are really going to look like in 2022.

At SoilFLO, we are consistently asked:

  1. What are my new responsibilities to comply with 406/19?
  2. What QP services am I going to have to retain?

This really is an attempt to answer the underlying… what am I going to have to start pricing into my bid?

Luckily, a recent road construction project by the Region of Halton (that has incorporated 406/19 in full) has given us a great sneak-peak into answering these questions for a real-life project.

Below, I’ve summarized the tender details into a contractor checklist.

My goal is that you can take this checklist to your current qualified professional, or consultant, to get a better idea if they can (a) fulfill these items (b) provide an estimated cost.

O. Reg 406/19 Checklist for Contractors:

  1. Soil Management Plan: includes a detailed sampling analysis plan for all excavated soil, estimated volumes, site plan, identifying reuse or disposal sites, methods to maximize reuse, how soil will be managed, and any contamination zones
  2. Traffic and Transportation Plan: includes location and configuration of site entrances, truck queuing, dust control, and haul routes between source and receiving sites
  3. Soil Sampling & Analysis: retention of sampling records pre / during / post-project
  4. Written Consent from Owners & Operators of Receiving Sites
  5. Written Confirmation each Hauler will possess Load Information: load information defined in No. 8
  6. Excess Soil Destination Assessment Report: for each receiving site stating what soil characterizations are accepted
  7. Develop and Implement a Digital Tracking System: whether or not the system is digital will be up to the project owner who writes the details of the tender
  8. Full Chain-of-Custody Hauling Records: source and disposal location, license plate, truck number, soil characterization, the person of contact at both sites, time of departure (contractor to store for 7 years, hauler to store for 2 years)
  9. Written Notice of Project End: contains the amount of excess soil generated, disposed, reused, and at which locations

*A QP will need to be retained to help create, oversee, and sign off on the items above. SoilFLO will fulfill items 7 & 8, and act as a database to store site-associated files in items 1 through 9.

**There will be tenders in which the project owner (i.e. municipality) will have already completed all of or some of the items listed above beforehand, requirements will vary

As more bids adopt 406/19 language – I’ll be sure to update!

PS: If anyone would like the full Halton Project file – send me a LinkedIn message or email to


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