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Import & Quarries

Soil Tracking Solutions for Fill Site Managers

Managing earthworks shouldn’t have to be so cumbersome. Import fill efficiently without paper tickets and utilize powerful tracing tools.


Project Improvements

Reduce the risk of receiving contaminated material
Live receiving screens verify hauler's source site with arrival ETA's to eliminate any deceit
Streamline CRM processes
Automated hauling logs and load confirmations reduce customer support and information requests
Increase material available to import
Site segmentation and site tags increase import capacity and approved material at source sites
fill managers

Features for Fill Site Managers

Site Delineation
Allocate material to specific stockpiles, quadrants, and elevations
Create and issue load tickets to specific sites with digital hauling approvals
Site Linking
Seamless connection to source sites for communication and file sharing
Stockpile Tags
Use tags to manage stockpile sampling results and imported quantities
Loads En Route
View all approved haulers en route with ETA's from the source site
Regulatory Hauling Logs
Automated compliance reports for clients and consultants.

Case Studies: Soil Tracking in Earthworks

Crosslinx Transit Solutions
Crosslinx Transit Solutions

Managing Ontario's largest LRT expansion.

Condrain Group
Condrain Group

Mass import project across multiple contractors and source sites.

Altree Developments
Altree Developments

Enabling earthworks transparency for developers.

Ways to Use SoilFLO

Load Verification
Activate Hauling Approvals
Store Hauling Records
Attach Sample Results
Manage Stockpiles
Daily & Total Load Counts
Allocate Imported Material
Reject & Void Loads
Delineate Sites
Compliance Reporting
Identify Inefficient Haulers
Add Notes to Loads

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