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Environmental Teams

Soil Tracking Solutions for Consultants

Recapture time spent chasing down proof of work and reconciling reports. Utilize powerful earthworks tools to segment sites and control material movement.


Project Improvements

Streamlined material management
Put controls in place for where material can be excavated, hauled, and received on-site
Standardized data on one platform
Completed hauling manifests from all contractors without having to chase down paper tickets on-site
Meet compliance with ease
Automated reports collect and analyze the data you need to submit to clients without hassle.

Features for Consultants

Site Delineation
Track excavation on specific stockpiles, quadrants, and elevations.
Site Sampling
Relate sample results to specific site segments or loads with approval tags
Eliminate paper tickets when importing and the time spent collecting them.
Regulatory Hauling Logs
Automated compliance reports for clients and consultants.
File Storage
Upload and relate all relevant documentation to specific sites.
User Permissions
Control access to field logging, site management, and reporting.

Case Studies: Soil Tracking in Earthworks

Crosslinx Transit Solutions
Crosslinx Transit Solutions

Managing Ontario's largest LRT expansion.

Condrain Group
Condrain Group

Mass import project across multiple contractors and source sites.

Altree Developments
Altree Developments

Enabling earthworks transparency for developers.

Ways to Use SoilFLO

Load Verification
Attach Sample Results
QP Oversight
Track Project Completion %
Manage Stockpiles
Daily & Total Load Counts
Store Hauling Records
Dispatch & Receive Loads
Delineate Sites
Compliance Reporting
Control Hauling Approvals
Add Notes to Loads

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