Load Tracking Software

For Excavators and Heavy Construction Teams

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Take Control of Your Trucks

SoilFLO helps you keep track of your trucks, without hardware GPS or driver apps.

SoilFLO makes work easier and more efficient by taking away the conventional method of paper logging trucks...eliminating paperwork and making everything digital."

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Shaakir Stephenson, Labourer
RONI Excavating

What are your biggest challenges?

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Truck Tracking

Most solutions on the market involve GPS hardware or driver apps, which does not work very well with brokered trucks.

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Proof-of-Work Reporting

When project owners ask for an update, it takes your team lots of time and paperwork to compile everything.

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Hauler Invoicing

Your accounting team spends their day going through pictures of hand-written, coffee-stained log sheets.

We can help with that.

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