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Case Study

Successful Reuse of Excess Soils by WSP Golder

Managing the successful reuse and relocation of 16,000 loads of excess soil.


WSP Golder, in partnership with Regional Municipalities, managed to remove and reuse 160,000m3 of excess soil successfully. 

Before introducing SoilFLO, WSP Golder associates needed to be on-site daily to oversee project status and ensure forepersons and site operators followed proper O.Reg 409/16 procedures. This would result in an excess of billable hours.

Due to SoilFLO, WSP Golder was able to ensure adherence to O.Reg 409/16 regulations during this project while reducing project costs.  

Loads were dispatched from the source site and received by scale house attendants in real-time. WSP Golder representatives were able to oversee the project’s completion with pinpoint accuracy and identify anomalies in hauling.

Before SoilFLO, manual tickets needed to be transcribed before WSP Golder Associates could identify possible special events.

The implementation of SoilFLO has allowed WSP Golder to oversee the project completion, identify any special events and outliers and remain O.Reg 406/19 compliant efficiently.

Key Results

Project progress was accurately tracked with real-time site dashboards
Administrative hours were significantly reduced with the introduction of digital load tickets
Hauler efficiency was improved through round-trip time analytics and automated load sheets

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Tracking project completion
Sprint sheets & Trip analytics
Digital Load Tickets
Denise Lacchin, M.Sc., P.Eng., EP, QPESA, WSP Golder Senior Environmental Engineer
"Implementing SoilFLO has saved us time by simplifying daunting tasks."