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Case Study

Winslow’s use of technology to meet Victorian Environmental Protection Agency Regulations


SoilFLO was identified as the first of its kind software to be used and implemented throughout Australia by the Civil Construction Federation, and the Environmental Protection Agency of Victoria

Winslow was searching for a ground-breaking solution for their upcoming road widening project to meet Major Road Victoria Projects and Infrastructure sustainability council requirements and new regulatory requirements from the Victorian EPA. These included a general environmental duty and a requirement for soil reuse and disposal. 

Before SoilFLO, there was no way to efficiently track soil movement between multiple job sites. Countless Human Resource hours were amassed trying to trace and understand the movement of excavated material on project sites to meet project requirements.

SoilFLO helped the Winslow team precisely track the movement of various types of excavated soil leaving and imported material entering the job site. Throughout the project, consultants and project owners could log in to SoilFLO and evaluate the project’s status and where the material was moving.

SoilFLO helped Winslow meet their General Environmental Duty by adhering to new regulations, achieving a 100% rate of spoil reuse, and saving an estimated 360 hours during this project.

Key Results

Achieved a 100% Rate of Spoil Reuse
Met WPA regulations
Reduced Haulage and Disposal Costs
Reduced Consultant Billable Hours

Ways They Used SoilFLO

WPA Compliance
Tracking project completion
Run sheets & Trip analytics
Confirmation of arrival and departure
Julie Buckley, Environmental & Sustainability Manager
"SoilFLO has been a game changer for Winslow on our major earthworks operations. SoilFLO allows us to easily reconcile spoil movements for compliance and construction logistics purposes. It saves us countless hours whilst reducing our exposure to risk"