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Case Study

How Skyview leverages SoilFLO to evaluate projects at any time


Before implementing SoilFLO, Project Coordinators had difficulty obtaining timely and accurate information on Skyview’s projects, specifically their excavation progress, material movement, and hauler hours. . After almost a year on the platform and over 80,000m^3 of soil tracked, SoilFLO is one of the main softwares utilized by their Project Coordinator, Shoshana Levstein.

For Shoshana, one of the key benefits is the transparency that SoilFLO provides and the real-time data:

“I can give my boss instant numbers as we speak right now. For example, if I look at this site, I can tell you it’s 10:26 am, and 27 loads have gone out.” 

Shoshana estimates she saves a couple of hours of admin work weekly using SoilFLO. SoilFLO allows anyone on Skyview to monitor excavation progress on individual sites without reaching out to field teams. This enables field teams to focus on the work rather than relaying data to the office. 

Another benefit Shoshana notes are keeping an eye on the performance of her trucks. She, as well as superintendents, can quickly check the run times and load performance of her brokered trucks.

Beyond the core capabilities of SoilFLO, Shoshana also spoke about the customer support she received while using the platform. SoilFLO has even implemented new features based on direct feedback from Shoshana and the Skyview team. 

“Anything I’ve brought up to you guys, you’ve done. The support is easy to contact, plus anything I need gets resolved right away. The customer service is excellent.”

This is the service and experience we strive to provide to every customer.


Key Results

Access to real-time data
Reduced administrative time by 30%
Bespoke customer support

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Tracking project completion
Run sheets & trip analytics
Confirmation of arrival and departure
Daily load counts
Shoshana Levstein , Project Manager
“I use it everyday. Every single day. I’m always on it”