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Case Study

Enhancing data accuracy
with soil tracking software

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Over the past two years, KAPP Infrastructure has been executing a massive earth excavation and topsoil stripping project, including watermain, sewer and culvert installation in Pickering. On this project, KAPP has utilized SoilFLO to track over 110,000 cubic meters to 13 different receiving sites. The main user of SoilFLO, Calvin, a project coordinator, drives value from SoilFLO in four key areas:

  1. Tracking the accuracy of project estimates
  2. Real-time data collection and information alignment
  3. Hauler accountability
  4. Top-tier customer service
  1. Tracking against estimates with segments

Segment Budgets in SoilFLO have been extremely important to Calvin. With SoilFLO, he has been able to track the project excavation from each segment against the project’s initial estimates. Once the project had exceeded its hauling estimates, the team was notified on their site overview dashboard. With data in real-time, the team can be proactive with change order discussions with project owners.

In Calvin’s own words, “This is actually how much we have blown past our budgets. This data can help us build a case for a potential change order.”

     2. Improved documentation consistency and enhanced communication

Before using SoilFLO the KAPP team found it difficult to keep their documentation consistent across projects. “Everyone has a different way of writing, which can leave things up to interpretation. SoilFLO helps keep everyone on the same page”, says Calvin.

With SoilFLO, he can quickly see how many loads have been dispatched in any area. Transparency has proven invaluable. With such a massive project and many parties involved, it has made it easier for multiple contractors to stay informed while working in different areas on-site.

“By setting up the segments, and their tags, has kept our contractors organized on-site. Owners also need access to this information. Having it laid out in a digestible manner has made it easier for them to follow, which has led to fewer calls and questions.

     3. Avoid overpaying with more hauler accountability

In addition to improved transparency, KAPP utilizes SoilFLO to take pictures of the hauling slips. “This has saved me hours from having to chase down tickets and drastically reduced the chance of them getting lost or destroyed. If they do get lost. I can download a copy from SoilFLO.” says Calvin.

SoilFLO’s Send Home truck feature has helped KAPP track hauler hours. The field team can capture this so Calvin’s team can cross reference it when doing accounts payable. He gave an example of this feature catching a 4-hour overpayment of a hauler that was able to be reconciled by his team the same day.

     4. The importance of customer success

For the KAPP team, the pilot of SoilFLO has been a huge success. The team plans to expand their platform usage by including SoilFLO on all their excess soil projects. When asked what has led to this success Calvin proclaimed, “Your support has been second to none to any other software service provider I’ve ever dealt with. We can call you at any time and not only do you pick up the phone, but you answer our questions. Even if they’re industry questions, you’re able to address them immediately.”

Key Results

Tracked the accuracy of project budgets
Avoided project delays with consistent data across the project
Drastically reduced time spent collecting lost or damaged tickets
Improved hauler accountability

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Site segments tracked where on-site the material was from
Segment tags to monitor excavation stage for each area
Segment budgets to track actuals vs. budgets
Photos of hauler tickets to digitize hauler payables
Calvin Ing, Senior Project Coordinator
“This is actually how much we have blown past our budgets. This data can help us build a case for a potential change order.”