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Case Study

Leveraging SoilFLO to meet CL:AIRE DoWCoP Requirements for Foxtree


Foxtree has been supporting Brandwells Construction in relation to the removal and beneficial reuse of soil between 12 sites in the Bristol and Exeter Area. Due to the nature of Brandwells work, they were able to use their own construction sites for material balance and reuse. Through material management plans developed by Foxtree, Brandwells were able to use the CL:AIRE DoWCoP regime.

The volume of material to be moved, meant dozens of individual lorries were running per day. Managing the logistics of the paperwork required to track all of these movements to meet the audit requirements for the DoWCoP, would have slowed down operations and taken Foxtree countless hours to reconcile.

Foxtree recommended that Brandwells leverage SoilFLO to efficiently manage reuse between sites. Collaboratively, Brandwells and Foxtree set up all active sites in SoilFLO. The site set-up included the soil characterization reports, as well as the budgeted amount of soil to go off site.

The transparency and easy layout within SoilFLO, allowed Brandwells to easily visualize optimal soil reuse and allow Foxtree to enable that reuse in a time and cost-effective manner.

Each truck was added with all of the DoWCoP information required in the morning, and with each load the information was recorded and the receiving site would be notified the load was on the way. On arrival, the load was confirmed.

Key Results

Paper tickets were no longer relied upon for DoWCoP compliance.
Administrative overburden was reduced resulting in cost savings

Ways They Used SoilFLO

CL:AIRE DoWCoP Compliance
Tracking project completion
Run sheets & Trip analytics
Confirmation of arrival and departure
Hannah Darley, CSci CEnv C.WEM, Foxtree Senior Environmental Engineer
"SoilFLO has saved me countless hours in tedious reconciliation tasks. My client is happy knowing my time is being spent efficiently and their liability is covered"