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Case Study

How FER-PAL eliminates administrative work by digitizing aggregate tickets

FER-PAL using SoilFLO

FER-PAL specializes in projects utilizing trenchless technologies for municipalities across Canada and the United States. Their unique approach made SoilFLO a perfect fit for tracking the specific locations of inbound and outbound material from projects. 

In 2022, FER-PAL procured SoilFLO to track soil movement for local Ontario compliance requirements. However, after realizing the efficiencies of tracking excess soil, Operations Administrator Jessica Spada began using SoilFLO to track aggregates on projects in 2024.

Before using SoilFLO, Jessica manually entered paper aggregate tickets and hand-written notes into Excel for multiple hours a week. In addition to that, municipalities required monthly hauling summaries to confirm the departure and arrival of all materials.

SoilFLO’s simple load tracking tool for the field and automated reports eliminated over 80% of the former administrative work. FER-PAL also utilized SoilFLO’s custom load tracking tools to assign purchase order numbers to inbound and outbound loads. Their management team can leverage this data for accurate billing.

Lastly, SoilFLO has greatly reduced human error when gathering data. Jessica was able to do this by segmenting her projects by phase or area. She can then mark what areas of the project are currently active. SoilFLO will only allow data to be recorded in areas marked as active. This feature was very well received by FER-PAL’s QP and has streamlined site reviews and billing department concerns. 

Key Results

Reduced time spent on adminstrative work
Improved job cost accuracy
Reduced human error

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Digitizing aggregate deliveries
Automated hauling summary reports
Confirmation of arrival and departure
Site segment controls
Jessica Spada, Operations Administrator
“SoilFLO is very user-friendly and continues to improve our material management."