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Case Study

Reconciling Hauler Invoices with D'Orazio Infrastructure Group

How D'Orazio uses SoilFLO to track their soil movement and reconcile hauler invoices.


Prior to using SoilFLO, D’Orazio would reconcile hauler invoices by matching up paper truck tickets to a paper run sheet. The tickets and run sheet would be collected from the field and brought into the office each day. This would take a substantial amount of time, even requiring team members to come in on Saturday’s to complete invoicing. Run sheets are often illegible, drenched in coffee or rain and often never even make it back to the office.

Now that D’Orazio uses SoilFLO, all of their hauling data is digital. This allows the accounts payable team to reconcile invoices online without having to sift through piles of paperwork.

This has resulted in several benefits for D’Orazio. They have saved considerable time for their Accounts Payable lead, Vesna. This means D’Orazio can pay out their broker more quickly and the broker can then pay out the trucker more quickly. Everyone feels more confident that payment is accurate and timely- improving the relationship between all parties. 

Key Results

Cut hauler reconciliation hours by 66%
Reduced broker payment terms from net 60 to net 30 days

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Hauler Accounts Payable
Sprint sheets & Trip analytics
Digital Load Tickets
Vesna, D'Orazio Accounts Payable Lead
"Now that I have it with SoilFLO it’s a much quicker process. It’s less than a third of the time I used to spend. It’s so quick."