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Case Study

Mass Import Project for Condrain Group

Managing the import of 700+ loads per day from multiple sites and contractors.

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Acting as the GC of a large distribution center, Condrain had managed the import of 100,000+ cubic metres of excess soil. 

Previously, Condrain would issue paper tickets to source site contractors. These paper tickets, in turn, allow haulers to deliver soil to their site.

This resulted in thousands of paper tickets to be collected, cross-referenced with billing teams, and risk of soil brought from unsanctioned sources.

Using SoilFLO, Condrain issued digital tickets to each source site contractor.

Source site contractors were responsible for uploading required soil sampling, along with payment, to then have their digital tickets activated.

Once activated, the source site contractors were able to dispatch loads to Condrain.

Condrain’s receiving attendant was then able to access a live inventory of loads in transit. Haulers arriving on the list were accepted, and those who were not were turned away.

With this new process, Condrain has significantly reduced their risk of accepting contaminated loads and hours of work spent combing through paper tickets.

Key Results

Project Owner's paid Condrain earlier with real-time load counts
Rogue haulers not from approved source sites were easily identified
Man hours were saved spent distributing and printing paper tickets

Ways They Used SoilFLO

Incoming Loads Dashboard
Digital Ticket Approvals
Messaging between sites
Frank De Gasperis, Condrain Project Manager
"SoilFLO is the only product we've bought off the shelf that works perfectly."