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5 Ways Soil Management Software Saves You Time & Money 

5 Ways Soil Management Software Saves You Time & Money 

The truth isn’t always comfortable to hear, but it can be a great jumping-off point for meaningful change. So, what’s the hard truth? To put it simply, if you’re still relying on paper tickets to track your earthmoving activities, you’re wasting time and losing money. Whether you’re a project manager, foreman, owner, contractor, or receiving site coordinator, soil management software will make your work life much easier. 

At SoilFLO, data is just as fun as dirt. We built our own soil management software so that you can collect data from your job sites and use it to make informed decisions. So, let’s take a look at how soil management software is designed to streamline workflows, create efficiencies at every level of the project, and keep you on budget and schedule.

1. Stop shuffling paper if you’re a contractor or foreman.

If you’re a foreman or contractor, odds are good that the part of your job that frustrates you most is all the paper shuffling. You didn’t get into the construction business because you wanted to collect and catalog the nitty gritty of your jobs across hundreds of pieces of paper. So, at least in the area of soil management, SoilFLO offers a way to eliminate that tedious task altogether. 

Our web-based platform works on mobile, tablet, and desktop Adding live projects to your SoilFLO dashboard takes only about 60 seconds. Or even better, a project manager has already set up your project.(more on that in just a moment)You simply have to add your trucks’ details and tap a button when a truck comes or goes. No paper, no wonky Excel spreadsheets on a tablet — just dirt in and dirt out. 

Paper-free is the way to be.

With SoilFLO software, you will realize the benefits immediately. You’ll be able to:

  • Keep track of truck details. Input each truck’s license plate number, driver name, and driver phone number, then track where your trucks are and how many loads have been hauled without having to fill out paper tickets.
  • Track load and idle times. It’s unlikely you’re standing around on a job site with a stopwatch, analog style, counting minutes for your trucks. But with SoilFLO, all you have to do when a truck arrives on your site is tap a button and tap it again when it leaves. With that information, you can start to see where time and resources are being wasted and readjust. So, if the data shows you have haulers regularly sitting around for 15 minutes, then you can drop from 10 trucks to 8 trucks. This reduces idle time,, giving the project back some margin in its budget and building scheduling efficiencies.
  • Stay on schedule. One of our most helpful dashboard views is the project progress tracker, which allows you to see how quickly something needs to be excavated and how much time there is left to excavate it. Trying to manage that level of detail on paper, or even in Excel, would be a huge and unnecessary drain on your time. With SoilFLO, you can understand each day how projects are pacing so that you can make data-informed adjustments.

2. Stop chasing field teams if you’re a project manager, developer, or owner.

If contractors and foremen hate shuffling paper, then developers, owners, and project managers have an equal dislike for chasing their field teams around for productivity reports. You needthis information to manage effectively, but it may be lost atan on-site office, in the foreman’s cab, or who knows where. You don’t like chasing them, they don’t like being chased — enter SoilFLO.

You can quickly set up your projects in SoilFLO with all its excavation details accounted for: materials budget, project location, loads to export, loads to import, and project schedule. From there, your foreman selects the project, enters truck details, and tracks load amounts withtimes. This information is compiled into dashboards so you can stop the chase for data from the field.

3. Track your budget and stay in compliance.

This one’s a biggie. Projects live and die by their budgets and, on a more macro level, their ability to stay in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. 

Bring data-informed insights to budgets.

Whether you’re a project manager or a foreman, you need to keep tabs on your budget at all times. For soil management, specifically, there are a lot of costs to consider: trucks, drivers, receiving site fees, new materials brought onto the site, and so on. Without an automated system for tracking all of that, it can get messy.

Using SoilFLO’s platform is easy. Our different dashboards enable you to:

  • Enter and review your materials budget.
  • Assign export/import amounts.
  • Segment out project phases so budget and resources align with on-site milestones.
  • Track project progress so you know if more products need to be ordered or a change order needs to be submitted.
  • Provide banks with a project status to trigger financing releases.
  • View where the nearest receiving sites are so that time and resources aren’t wasted driving materials around.
  • Identify and eliminate idle time.
Improve oversight and limit liability exposure.

With all your earthworks data flowing into SoilFLO, not only are you able to save time and reduce costs on tracking and record-keeping, but you’re also able to keep a close eye on compliance. You, and any other project stakeholders, including environmental teams or consultants with access, have the data right at your fingertips. Track dirt in, track dirt out, monitor contaminated loads, and ensure the right materials are going to the right receiving sites to avoid costly fees or project shutdowns.

And if you’re a receiving site or quarry, SoilFLO’s technology is a huge win for you, too. You can use our software to catalog all the trucks that are approved to haul to you. No more getting burned on unapproved contaminated soil. Just check your list of approved haulers when a truck shows up, and if they’re on the list, they’re in. And if they’re not on the list, it’s a no-go. This protects your business and keeps you out of hot water with regulators. Plus, if you’re working with a new or different contractor or hauler that doesn’t use SoilFLO too or isn’t already in your approved list, you can offer them a free SoilFLO login.

4. Keep accounts payable happy.

Dealing with an unhappy accountant or bookkeeper is no one’s idea of a good time. But now that office teams who use SoilFLO don’t have to chase field teams for tickets and receipts, , everyone can get back to doing the work they were actually hired to do. The folks in A/P can access SoilFLO for daily project updates that allow them to track the budget, release funds for materials, and make sure everyone gets paid.

5. Allow haulers to haul.

We know firsthand the frustrations that manual soil management brings to a person and to a project. One of those things is streamlining bills of lading with haulers to improve turnaround times.l. Our software makes that happen. Because we’ve eliminated all the unnecessary back-and-forths of paper tickets, now drivers can just drive. They aren’t responsible for tracking loads at all. When a truck arrives at the site, it’s checked in with a tap of the button and then dispatched back out the same way. Take a photo of the ticket, and it goes straight to A/P for processing.

And remember back at the beginning of this article when we talked about adding drivers to your projects? That’s where this comes in handy again. Not only are you able to track your trucks and who’s driving them, but when they arrive at a receiving site, all the necessary documentation is right there on their phone, received via text message, to account for their materials. It’s as simple as that.

Get the software trusted by the construction industry’s largest dirt movers in the U.S. and Canada.

Soil management doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or time-consuming. It is actually possible to take control of your earthworks. SoilFLO is here to help you save time and reduce costs on tracking, record-keeping, and compliance in as few touchpoints from the field as possible. You’ll be able to make better decisions with real-time data, limit liability exposure, reduce the risk of site contamination, and give project stakeholders more visibility and transparency. It’s not too good to be true. And we’d love to show you why. Schedule your free SoilFLO demo now. 

Test drive SoilFLO today.

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