SoilFLO and MetaFLO

The Full Package: MetaFLO X SoilFLO

SynerTrack continually strives to design cost effective and innovative tools for greater sustainability.

SynerTracks’s mission is to provide our clients with smart, simple solutions to meet the challenge of managing liquid wastes and now, solid wastes. To this end, we recently announced the development of our new automation product, SoilFLO.

New regulations are being implemented in many North American jurisdictions governing the management of excess soil and wet waste streams such as hydro-excavation mud. . This translates into a significant increase in the cost of transportation and disposal (T&D). See our last blog post ( Many of these additional costs are associated with tracking soil movement, managing liability and the effort to ensure that all soil is handled in accordance with the new regulation.


Our clients are operating in this new reality. SynerTrack has developed an innovative, digital solution to reduce the cost and risk of soil management. We have worked jointly with industry partners and advocacy groups to help our clients manage their excess soils as a resource for beneficial re-use. The adoption of this automated tool provides lower costs associated with excess soil regulatory compliance than were available before the new regulations!

Our automated tool, SoilFLO, will increase the efficiency of your disposal logistics on site while collecting data that has never been available to you before. SoilFLO confirms your excess soil was disposed of properly, collects data for internal analysis and automatically generates trucking logs that can be used to comply with new reporting requirements.

metaflo soil management with soilflo

SynerTrack is excited to provide the full solution to our customers to eliminate the risk and cost of compliance. New regulations require innovation to meet requirements AND keep costs low. SynerTrack was founded on these principles and we continually strive to design cost effective, innovative tools for greater sustainability.

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