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The Dirt Behind our New Product: SoilFLO

SoilFLO could help you remain in compliance, streamline your process and save you time.

While driving around Toronto today, or on the 401, take note of all the dump trucks you see. Odds are, most of these dump trucks are carrying excess soils from major infrastructure projects or condo developments. With approximately 26 million cubic meters of soil being excavated in Ontario alone, we should see about 2.6 million dump trucks hauling excess soils on the roads per year. In most instances, these are clean soils, treated as a resource, and used for rehabilitation of sites in need of clean fill outside of Toronto.

This is good news. As we excavate soil from the GTA, we can help municipalities around us rehabilitate their quarries or use it as soil for farm land. A perfect symbiotic relationship in which we import gravel from pits around us, and send our excavated material back to rehabilitate those same pits.

This is the bad news. It is not always as simple as it may seem. The volume of soil circulating around the province managed by a manual paper system, makes it nearly impossible to keep track of its source or where it is disposed. This confusing system is contributing to contaminated soils being disposed of improperly in several instances. In some cases, contaminated soil vanishes and is lost forever. Sometimes these events make it to the cover of the local papers.


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Enter the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks’ (MOECP) Best Management Practices (BMP) and Excess Soil Management Policy Framework in 2012. The BMPs were an attempt to enable project owners and contractors to better manage their soil without the need of regulation. Unfortunately, not everyone headed this call and the MOECP felt it necessary to begin the process of instituting regulation. It is now proposed and will be implemented before we know it.

SoilFLO has placed itself in the center of these discussions, learning the problem and empathizing with stakeholders affected. Project owners, contractors and disposal sites are all concerned about the new excess soils regulation and the cost of compliance. Ensuring compliance is difficult! That is why we have developed SoilFLO, a compliance tool designed to solve your excess soils challenge.

If you are a project owner generating excess soils, a contractor or disposal site, we would be happy to discuss your challenges and how SoilFLO could help you remain in compliance, streamline your process and save you time.  


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